Blog Roll

I have been following blogs for a few years now and collectively they are to blame for a wishlist longer than my reading list, a couple of 'cult blogger' bags (zara), and the need to throw my opinions into the online world. Not too mention a few muji drawers...I'm a follower, what can I say. 

These are just a few of my favourites right now that have me turning on my laptop and opening up my notebook before every shopping trip and online browse. Watch as I gain true creeper status...

Both Anna's blog and youtube channel have become firm favourites over the past year and can guarantee she'll have you spending your money before she's even opened her mouth. 
This is the woman I can thank for my ever growing skincare obsession and her no make up glow will give you envy too. 
Anna's writing skills are better than many beauty articles in the top mags, relatable, funny and whilst hypnotising you to empty your purse all at the same time. The woman is a beauty blog buff at its best. 

Kate is most definitely the next person I can accuse for my overflowing skincare drawer. I blame her adorable accent and witty humour, it's a winning combination. 
Beautiful photos, excellent product reviews (with directory no less) and never ending hair envy, you will be following too. 

I'm sure you all remember Laura as Lollipop26 both for her blog and former youtube channel that is still much missed but Buy Now Blog Later has been filling the void. A fashion lovers dream, her blog shows off her impeccable style, making me lust after a whole new wardrobe as I stare at my lacklustre outfits.

What Olivia Did will have you wanting to don a 50's style skirt, visit a tea room for lunch and rock a huge beehive. Olivia can throw on whatever she fancies and it will look like she's walked out of a different century each time, I may not be brave enough or stylish enough to throw it on with her but I can look on with jealousy.  

I'm sure Estee doesn't need much of an introduction. Canadian turned Brit as soon as you tune into her videos you can't help but love her and click subscribe. Her blog never talks down to her followers, she's just like the rest of us, loves beauty but at the same time trying to figure out what to do with it all! But she makes everyone laugh whilst she's doing it. 

Lily's such a lover of fashion and beauty that she has 2 blogs devoted to each. On LLYMLRS she posts outfit of the days and ETCLLYMLRS is focused on the beauty side of things. I'm especially liking Lily's beauty site recently as she gives very honest, easy to read reviews and highlights many high street budget buys. She has also recently ventured into youtube territory and it is fast becoming a favourite channel of mine. 

Sincerely, Jules is a purely fashion blog that I find myself using for inspiration repeatedly. Unbelievably stylish, the way she puts outfits together is admirable and leaves me with a very boring wardrobe. 

Caroline's blog has become infamous with everybody wanting perfect everybody! This woman knows what she's talking about with over 16 years working in the industry so if you're want to get rid of your acne, dry patches or have that glow that people are always banging on about this blog is what you want. Her no nonsense, straight talking attitude will have you fearing her wrath every time you reach for your face wipes. 

Carries blog is definitely the most beautiful in my humble opinion. Filled with stunning photography, pretty outfits and interesting locations you might try and jump into your laptop like it's a chalk drawing from Mary Poppins. Carrie dresses like she's in a story book without a hint of cheesiness about her. 

Competing for the role of most beautiful blog is Becky's Milk Bubble Tea (with the cutest name though:). Photography is a passion of hers and you can definitely tell. The images look very professional from her outfit of the days to photos of weekends away and sometimes she takes her hand at baking as well

I could go on forever but I'm sure I've bored you enough and your reading list if pretty full now.