About LLW

Loves, Likes and Wishes was started after a love of fashion and beauty and all things related became bordering on obsession...or some would say, smack bang in the middle of it! 

Always having an interest in the fashion and beauty world led me into the realm of blogs a few years ago and now my skin has never looked so smooth, locks never been more luscious and bank balance never been so low. So after accumulating more products than my drawers will allow I thought it was about time I plucked up the courage and start my own beauty haven, so I can rave, rant and dream as much as I like without boring anyone who'll listen about the newest serum making me look like a supermodel...*cue many dazed and cynical expressions*. 

I feel my first ever post, Introducing LLW, explains this blog a lot better than I'm doing here, so have a little read of that if you like. But basically I want this site to feature everything I would like to see in a blog! There will be product reviews showing the good, bad and ugly side to beauty, my everyday routine products, cheeky hauls every now and then, wishlists showing all the many things I'm desiring at any given time and possibly a few outfit of the days thrown in there. 

So, if you'd like to read about the ramblings of a girl in her 20's who spends to much time browsing 'feel unique' and prioritising her little money on the latest miracle product then read on...