Friday, 7 June 2013

Shopping in the Sunshine


The last few days something very strange has happened...the sun decided to show its face.  So with everyone in a better mood, a desperate need to fill the fake tan void in my beauty stash and an urge to spend a few pounds I hit the shops! 

So apparently I can't seem to do a haul post without including a new pairs of shoes. The latest are from Primark coming in at a grand total of £8. You can't go wrong with a pair of black, gold studded flats and I almost picked up the nude pair but resisted after telling myself I didn't need another pair of nude shoes...possibly. 

In a couple of weeks my brother is getting married and I'll be performing my bridesmaid duties whilst having to get my casper legs out. So as not to scare the guests, nor cringe at every photo it was time to raid the fake tan aisle in Boots. First up is an old favourite of mine, Garnier Ambre Solaire - No Streaks Bronzer body mist. I used this a few years ago and it gave a really natural, healthy glow to the skin. Spray it on, rub it in and a couple of hours later you'll be looking like you've just come back from your hols. I decided to get it in medium this time though so wish me luck in not having a Ross from Friends moment! 

I've heard good things about the Palmers Cocoa Butter - Natural Bronze gradual tanning moisturiser lately so it went straight in the basket too. Not being a fan of the cocoa butter scent I was a bit reluctant to try it but after a couple of uses it's definitely something I can get used to but too soon to tell yet on it's tanning abilities. Also I managed to snag a bargain in TK Maxx of another of Garniers offerings in the form of Ambre Solaire Wash Off No Streaks Bronzer. Usually over a tenner I picked this up for £2.99 hoping it will add some instant colour that my legs are craving! 

Another old faithful that has returned to my life is Maxfactor - False Lash Effect mascara. This used to be a regular repurchase of mine and I still love it. Not clumpy and volumising, what I look for in a mascara. The next few buys were all influenced by one blog or 20! Don't ever say I'm not easily led. L'oreal - Micellar Solution if the first of it's kind that I've tried so there's not comparing it to the infamous blogger favourite Bioderma, but on first impressions it does the job nicely (and getting it free in a 3 for 2 offer always helps). Then there's Rimmel - Stay Matte Pressed Powder which has been mentioned far too many times for me to be able to resist any longer. Plus the latest new release, Bourjois - Cream Blushes has done the rounds by every beauty obsessive and now it's my turn. Number 02 - Healthy Glow was the one that I plumped for and so far it does what it says on the tin, creates a healthy glow, but I can't help wanting a little more pigmentation from it.

So I think I covered all bases. Got my summer tan sorted, a few new make up picks to give that summery look, a cleanser to wash it all off and beautiful shoes to pair with some skirts that need to be dusted off from the wardrobe! 

Have you tried and tested any of these lovely products? Any recent purchase you've made with the sunshine in mind? 

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  1. Great picks Ms. Daisy! :) I love the pairs of flat!