Friday, 24 May 2013

Superfacialist - Tea Flower Clay Mask

Well hello lovely ladies! It's been a few days since I blogged as I've been down with the flu thanks to an innocent looking two year old who likes to spread germs. So I'm afraid Auntie Daisy wasn't up to jotting down my beauty thoughts, and trust me, there was nothing to do with beauty going down in the LLW household this week. But after 4 days without make up, au naturale hair and permanently in my trusty Primark trackies, (am I painting a nice picture for you there), it was about time I dusted down the laptop and put my blogger head on again! 

I mentioned this mask in my haul post recently and my keen interest to see if it would match up to the big shot that is its high end equivalent! Now I've been able to test this out a few times I thought I'd let you know how it stood up. 

Una Brennan's range for Boots hit the shops recently and has already accumulated a lot of fans thanks to its trustworthy, affordable skincare. I am yet to try another product from the skincare specialist but am looking forward to trying out a couple other offerings. 

I am a firm lover of Origins Clear Improvement mask and am trying to save the very last drops of my travel size tube. I mention how I incorporate this favourite into my routine in a heavy duty skincare post here and am almost certain to make a repurchase. But of course as a beauty obsessive, when introduced to a new product that comes at less than half the price you can't help but see if it matches up. 

Superfacialist Tea Flower Clay mask is definitely the lighter version of Clear Improvement. You feel this as soon as you apply it to the skin, much easier to smooth on and  it feels like you are using far less product. On first impressions I can't stand the smell of Brennans mask. Smelling a little herbal and also a scent that I can't pinpoint but I know I hate it! I can still smell this after I wash it off which isn't very pleasant but bearable none the less. Origins isn't the most fragrant but in my humble opinion would be my preference on this front. 

Both don't take long to dry at all although I like to leave them on the skin for a around 10 minutes to make sure my pores are being thoroughly deep cleaned. When dry, Origins offering will feel like the classic clay mask, leaving you unable to utter a word, whereas with Superfacialist it's a little more comfortable. Adding to the fact it dries to be almost clear, not leaving you looking like the wicked witch..not as fun scaring unsuspecting family members though I'm afraid. 

When rinsed off my skin will feel smooth and clean but not quite as much so as after it's had an Origins at home facial. When it comes down to it the Tea Flower mask just doesn't clean right down in there although I may be so used to it's counterpart that it just doesn't even compare. Whilst my new product in my skincare stash is a good product I wouldn't say it tops my old faithful. For my acne prone skin I like to use the hardcore stuff to make sure any breakouts stay away and feel I need to use the lighter alternative a couple times a week to ensure I have the same effects. That being said if you don't have the bug bare of dealing with pesky pores then a lighter version could be perfect to cleanse your skin without being overly harsh. 

Overall I do like this product and think there's a definite place for it in my stash, but when the tube runs out and I have the pennies to spare they are going straight to Origins! 

Have you tried either of these clarifying masks? Where would your cash be going to? 


  1. I love the sound of the Origin mask, I like feeling that my skin is thoroughly thoroughly cleansed so might have to go and try it out! I'm loving Cosmetic Catastrophe at the moment though.
    Also, the actual mask is so pretty!

    Tori xx

    1. Definitely recommend it, worth the price I'd say! Oh, is that from Lush?

  2. I love Mask! Will definitely try this out!! xx

  3. I want to try the Una Brennan range so badly! My nearest Boots is totally pants though, they don't stock it at all! :( I like the idea of it being lighter than the Clear Improvement mask, I like to do a mask as often as possible, so I think I need to make a trek to my second-nearest Boots now x

    Amy /

  4. Heeyy! Wow, I just found your blog and I love it already (and now following you on twitter too!) Brill post and can't wait to read more xx

  5. Gorgeous blog, new follower