Friday, 12 April 2013

Welcome to Loves, Likes & Wishes

Finally pressing publish...

I am a beauty product addict. There's my confession. One that I don't feel the slightest remorse about. 
I am a 20 year old who has been enjoying (and near obsessively) catching up on my favourites blogs for years and thought it was about time I put my two cents into the mix. 

I've always had a love for fashion and beauty and in the last few years my drawers, shelves and bank balance are definitely showing the effects of this. Of which I completely and utterly blame on the editors of my reading list. 

I named this blog Loves, Likes & Wishes as I want to show just that. The boots that have become a staple in my wardrobe, a serum that makes me wake up looking like Millie Mackintosh (results are inconclusive..) and my ever growing wishlist which has a new addition every time I open up blogger. 

I'm not a professional of the fash pack or beauty buff industry, nor am I equipped with a DSLR and even though I thought my IT skills were decent enough, apparently getting to grips with a blog design is trickier than walking past Boots without whipping the debit card out, so please bare with me on that one and all tips & tricks are welcome. 

But please enjoy the ramblings of a girl who has too much on her hands and the need to give her opinion on everything. 


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