Friday, 26 April 2013

Summer Scent Concoction

My nose is a very fussy thing to please. Finding a perfume that I fall in love with can prove to be more difficult than leaving the last piece of chocolate for another day...impossible

But after waving around countless testers and numerous headaches later I've found my daily go to scents that not only can hold their own but form my favourite scent concoction.

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' is most likely sitting on every beauty girls dressing table. It's fresh, light scent is hard to dislike and gives a noticeable aroma (ooh err) without being overpowering. For me this is a scent you can wear all year round, I don't really understand 'seasonal scents', and I always receive compliments when wearing this. And being my namesake never hurts eh :). 


A newer addition to my minuscule perfumery is the much hyped Escentric Molecules 'Molecule 01'. The perfume that is thought to have you re-enacting the Lynx adverts with one spray. Although I've never been mobbed when wearing this I have gotten the odd compliment or two. Not exactly headline worthy but I wasn't expecting supermodel status after a few sniffs. 

So, let me *attempt* to give you an edited version of the scientific facts behind the odour. Thank you google.

Molecules 01 contains one molecule, hence the imaginative name, which is Iso E Super. It is meant to react with a persons natural pheromones and create a unique and irresistible fragrance...

Now, most people have said this fragrance is a woody, slightly musky scent on them but on me it appears very sweet (Cue pun about my sweetness here..) 

It is true that after a while of being sprayed it can be hard to smell it on yourself but even after this I still receive compliments so it clearly isn't undetectable to everyone. In fact, I was given this perfume as a Christmas present and after coming downstairs feeling a little disappointed in the alcohol scent this has on first spray, my whole family were trying to decipher what the lovely smell was. And believe me, getting that compliment from my family, including my brother, really sings its praises. 

So what was I to do with my 2 favourite scents? Combine them! 

Molecules 01 is excellent for layering and popped underneath 'Daisy' creates an extra long lasting, as in stays on till the end of the day, fresh, slightly sweet scent to allure the people around you. 

I will definitely be wearing this duo throughout summer and if you're like me and don't like too strong a scent than 'Daisy' is worth a sniff.
If you've got Escentric Molecules cult product lying around try spraying it under your favourite bottle of fragrance and let the compliments commence! 

What's your favourite perfume? Any that I should be adding to my 'must sniff list'? Everyone has one of them right?.. 


  1. Is Molecule 01 the scent that's supposed to smell different on everyone because it works with your skins natural scent?

    Thank you for sending me your link during the Bloggers Chat, am now following :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Ah thanks for following lovely :) just followed yours!

      Yep, it's meant to work with your natural pheromones..although I only ever smell it on myself so it's hard to tell haha. What I forgot to put in the post is that sometimes I do feel like it can smell differently on me from one day to the next. Strange

  2. Ooh I love Marc Jacobs Daisy! I've only ever had it once but couldn't get enough of it! Some of my fave scents are Gucci Rush by Gucci (obv!) and Ricci Ricci by Nina those scents! Have you tried these?
    I found your blog via #bbunch bloghop hun. I see you're fairly new to blogging, so it's lovely to be able to support you and I look forward to your future posts :). I hope you like my blog!

    1. Ooh no I haven't tried those, will have to check them out! I always hear good things about Gucci perfumes.
      Aw thank you for following :) That's so lovely, always nice to see people being supportive of each other.
      Will look at yours now :) x