Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Puzzle of Primers

(There's definitely been an unintentional theme on this blog lately..are there any beauty combinations left?)

Primers have become an everyday staple in my make up routine. There are so many primers now claiming to do different wondrous things to the appearance of your skin that it would be pretty hard to not find one that is suited to you and your needs.

These 4 priming partners all strive to ensure our make up lasts longer but also include additional benefits to set us up for the day ahead. But we all have such different skin types, textures and problem areas 1 primer just doesn't always seem enough. So I have been mixing and matching to find the perfect combination of glow and matte, flawless and dewy, here's what I've come up with... 

I first delved into 'Benefits Porefessional', like most, as a free sample with Glamour magazine a while ago and it's still firmly in my life. Mattifying the skin, giving you such a smooth, soft base ready for foundation to be applied. But does it really minimise pores? Yes, I really think it does. I've seen mixed reviews on this but when I first got this the pores on my cheeks were quite big and would become more noticeable throughout the day but this lovely stuff defeats that leaving me poreless (?) till bedtime, well almost. 

I always seem to fall in love with the expensive things in life. 'Laura Merciers Primer in Radiance' has won my heart but not my bank balance. I was lucky enough to receive this 15ml size in a French Joliebox I won in a giveaway run but Estee. I can't use this as often as I would like, i.e. everyday, but it is very likely it will appear on my birthday wishlist come July. This golden toned primer gives just the right amount of flow without looking shiny. I love it mixed in with foundation and it really does make my make up stay put. My medium to full coverage foundation can sometimes look a little too matte but this keeps the coverage and adds the glow. At £28 it isn't perfect but I can't deny my love. 

(Same order as above photo)

Bearing it's head again is Benefit with 'That Gal', and yes this is still my Glamour mag sample. This was the kind of product that was thrown in the back of a drawer and I was a little hesitant to try it. I wish I had tried it sooner! At first I loved it blended onto the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighter to finish of my look but recently ventured into a whole face application and was pleasantly surprised. As it's very pink toned I only use a little to avoid looking like Mr Blobby but it still adds an undeniable glow. Laura Mercier is warmer toned than That Gal so depending on your colouring one may suit better (I'm warm toned for future reference). I wouldn't go too overboard with this one as it can be a little shimmery but am looking forward to further experimentation.

Last but not least (god I didn't realise how much I could ramble) is my saviour primer, 'L'oreals Anti-Redness Primer'. This was a complete fluke find after grabbing it free when L'oreal were 3 for 2 in Boots and I didn't have particularly high hopes but how I was wrong. I have rosacea on my nose and throughout the day the redness will come through my make up. I apply this everyday without fail to my nose and any other areas it's needed, and I don't end up like Rudolph by lunchtime! I has a very thing, runny texture so it really needs to be pressed on, not rubbed to get the full effect and help diminish a multitude of sins to scarring and spots. It's not the cheapest but will last for a long time and forever be in my collection. (And nope, no green faces around here). 

So if I'm looking for a glow I reach for Laura Mercier, if I want a flawless finish it's porefessional on my cheeks, L'oreal on my nose and That Gal mixed in with foundation. 

Endless possibilities with this puzzle of primers! 

Whats your favourite primers? Next on my list to try is L'oreals Lumi Magique primer!

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