Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Puzzle of Primers

(There's definitely been an unintentional theme on this blog lately..are there any beauty combinations left?)

Primers have become an everyday staple in my make up routine. There are so many primers now claiming to do different wondrous things to the appearance of your skin that it would be pretty hard to not find one that is suited to you and your needs.

These 4 priming partners all strive to ensure our make up lasts longer but also include additional benefits to set us up for the day ahead. But we all have such different skin types, textures and problem areas 1 primer just doesn't always seem enough. So I have been mixing and matching to find the perfect combination of glow and matte, flawless and dewy, here's what I've come up with... 

I first delved into 'Benefits Porefessional', like most, as a free sample with Glamour magazine a while ago and it's still firmly in my life. Mattifying the skin, giving you such a smooth, soft base ready for foundation to be applied. But does it really minimise pores? Yes, I really think it does. I've seen mixed reviews on this but when I first got this the pores on my cheeks were quite big and would become more noticeable throughout the day but this lovely stuff defeats that leaving me poreless (?) till bedtime, well almost. 

I always seem to fall in love with the expensive things in life. 'Laura Merciers Primer in Radiance' has won my heart but not my bank balance. I was lucky enough to receive this 15ml size in a French Joliebox I won in a giveaway run but Estee. I can't use this as often as I would like, i.e. everyday, but it is very likely it will appear on my birthday wishlist come July. This golden toned primer gives just the right amount of flow without looking shiny. I love it mixed in with foundation and it really does make my make up stay put. My medium to full coverage foundation can sometimes look a little too matte but this keeps the coverage and adds the glow. At £28 it isn't perfect but I can't deny my love. 

(Same order as above photo)

Bearing it's head again is Benefit with 'That Gal', and yes this is still my Glamour mag sample. This was the kind of product that was thrown in the back of a drawer and I was a little hesitant to try it. I wish I had tried it sooner! At first I loved it blended onto the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighter to finish of my look but recently ventured into a whole face application and was pleasantly surprised. As it's very pink toned I only use a little to avoid looking like Mr Blobby but it still adds an undeniable glow. Laura Mercier is warmer toned than That Gal so depending on your colouring one may suit better (I'm warm toned for future reference). I wouldn't go too overboard with this one as it can be a little shimmery but am looking forward to further experimentation.

Last but not least (god I didn't realise how much I could ramble) is my saviour primer, 'L'oreals Anti-Redness Primer'. This was a complete fluke find after grabbing it free when L'oreal were 3 for 2 in Boots and I didn't have particularly high hopes but how I was wrong. I have rosacea on my nose and throughout the day the redness will come through my make up. I apply this everyday without fail to my nose and any other areas it's needed, and I don't end up like Rudolph by lunchtime! I has a very thing, runny texture so it really needs to be pressed on, not rubbed to get the full effect and help diminish a multitude of sins to scarring and spots. It's not the cheapest but will last for a long time and forever be in my collection. (And nope, no green faces around here). 

So if I'm looking for a glow I reach for Laura Mercier, if I want a flawless finish it's porefessional on my cheeks, L'oreal on my nose and That Gal mixed in with foundation. 

Endless possibilities with this puzzle of primers! 

Whats your favourite primers? Next on my list to try is L'oreals Lumi Magique primer!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Summer Scent Concoction

My nose is a very fussy thing to please. Finding a perfume that I fall in love with can prove to be more difficult than leaving the last piece of chocolate for another day...impossible

But after waving around countless testers and numerous headaches later I've found my daily go to scents that not only can hold their own but form my favourite scent concoction.

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' is most likely sitting on every beauty girls dressing table. It's fresh, light scent is hard to dislike and gives a noticeable aroma (ooh err) without being overpowering. For me this is a scent you can wear all year round, I don't really understand 'seasonal scents', and I always receive compliments when wearing this. And being my namesake never hurts eh :). 


A newer addition to my minuscule perfumery is the much hyped Escentric Molecules 'Molecule 01'. The perfume that is thought to have you re-enacting the Lynx adverts with one spray. Although I've never been mobbed when wearing this I have gotten the odd compliment or two. Not exactly headline worthy but I wasn't expecting supermodel status after a few sniffs. 

So, let me *attempt* to give you an edited version of the scientific facts behind the odour. Thank you google.

Molecules 01 contains one molecule, hence the imaginative name, which is Iso E Super. It is meant to react with a persons natural pheromones and create a unique and irresistible fragrance...

Now, most people have said this fragrance is a woody, slightly musky scent on them but on me it appears very sweet (Cue pun about my sweetness here..) 

It is true that after a while of being sprayed it can be hard to smell it on yourself but even after this I still receive compliments so it clearly isn't undetectable to everyone. In fact, I was given this perfume as a Christmas present and after coming downstairs feeling a little disappointed in the alcohol scent this has on first spray, my whole family were trying to decipher what the lovely smell was. And believe me, getting that compliment from my family, including my brother, really sings its praises. 

So what was I to do with my 2 favourite scents? Combine them! 

Molecules 01 is excellent for layering and popped underneath 'Daisy' creates an extra long lasting, as in stays on till the end of the day, fresh, slightly sweet scent to allure the people around you. 

I will definitely be wearing this duo throughout summer and if you're like me and don't like too strong a scent than 'Daisy' is worth a sniff.
If you've got Escentric Molecules cult product lying around try spraying it under your favourite bottle of fragrance and let the compliments commence! 

What's your favourite perfume? Any that I should be adding to my 'must sniff list'? Everyone has one of them right?.. 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Green is the new Black

             Green is the new Black
 Topshop - Lace Top - £30      And Other Stories - Suede Slippers - £55      H&M - Khaki dress - £24.99
Monki Pirjo jumper - £20      Topshop - Forest Leigh jeans - £38      Essie - Maximillian Strasse - £7.99

  1. I have fallen in love with this mint lace top from Topshop! Perfect for Spring/Summer and although at £30 it is a little overpriced it way well be winging its way into my basket soon enough! 
  2. Who isn't talking about the new addition to the highstreet that is And Other Stories. These suede slippers are out of my price range so will be unfortunately staying on my wishlist so I can lust after them. 
  3. This might be a perfect summer dress for me (I don't do pink, flower prints). If only the sun would come out so there's a reason to make the purchase. 
  4. I love jumpers. Do I need another one? Probably not but that doesn't stop me already mentally buying this come payday. Oversized, mint and £20..already won me over! 
  5. I, like most, have a few pairs of Topshop Leigh jeans hanging up in my wardrobe but these forest edition would be a welcome departure from my usual blue or black denim choices. 
  6. A new Essie shade from the Spring collection that I have been eyeing up thanks to Kate. Usually mint nail varnish is too pale for me and leaves me looking like the undead..yep! But this one seems dark enough that it could finally be my mint nail colour! 

My mum has been telling me for years ''Green goes with Red hair''. Something I lead my life by! :) 
Are you loving the Emerald tones as much as me? 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ritual Weekend Facial Foursome

Now, I can't take complete credit for this facial concoction. When Anna landed the post about the triple threat facial I knew my skin had a lot of pampering coming it's way. Separate masks to suit your skins every need, leaving it feeling like you've just stepped out of the beauty salon, aside from the tracksuit bottoms, hair mask on and a bun atop your head...just me? 

*First I should give you a quick low down on the status of my skin. I've always had combination skin like I mentioned in my previous post but in the last few winter months (yep we're still in winter) it has definitely leaned on the drier side although still with a touch of shine and pretty dehydrated too. So everything really! 
   I suffered very bad acne when I was younger and am still prone to breakouts plus was left with many lovely reminders of that time, scarring! But with the help of a few blogger babes and their recommendations and a constant ongoing strive for perfect skin my scarring has dramatically reduced this past year. I still have a long way to go before 'perfect' skin emerges but it definitely won't stop be trying. *

So, let's get going onto the interesting stuff. 

This has become a ritual in my bathroom every weekend without fail, starting with Soap and Glory - No Clogs Allowed. This is an exfoliator that doubles as a mask that I slap onto skin that has been splashed with warm water and leave on for a minute or two before rubbing in circular motions. It is advertised as a pore minimiser and I genuinely believe this has helped reduce the appearance of the pores on my cheeks. No Clogs Allowed is a self heating mask which will turn blue as you rub and when washed will leave you with the smoothest skin. An exfoliator that's not too harsh for my sensitive skin and at £11 it won't break the bank either. 

So now your skins scrubbed and ready for a deep clean, in comes Origins - Clear Improvement mask. Origins charcoal clay mask won't just leave you looking like the wicked witch, slathered on and left to dry it clears out the weeks dirt (lovely eh?) and leaves your skin feeling as good as new again. 
Having acne prone skin I feel this is so beneficial for me to do every week to keep pesky breakouts at bay. £20 for 100ml isn't the cheapest but in August I blagged the limited edition travel size 50ml for half the price (Selfridges) and it's only just coming to an end now. So for value for money you can't ask much better than that. 

Third up it's time to induce some radiance into my dull complexion. Scarring leaves my skin completely glowless...yep, thats a word-and so I try to give it a boost where I can. This is where REN - Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask is introduced. It has been in my life since Christmas and has earned a permanent place in my skincare routine. Explained as a bio active peel mask with fruit acids it sounds technically confusing and a tad scary but basically does what it says on the tin. Living up to it's claims to, make skin look brighter, healthier and more radiant whilst removing dead skin cells. It's love. 
With the weirdest texture, think gloopy mess, applied for 10 minutes I always see instant results when sloughed off. My skin looks a little brighter each time and I do see an improvement in my scarring. I may have to ramp up my use to twice a week for maximum radiance. £30 for 50ml is more of a splurge but for the results and the fact there's nothing similar on the shelves of Boots it will always warrant a repurchase from me. 
   *Although I should add that for people with hyper sensitive skin you might want to tread carefully. I would usually put myself into this category but I fortunately haven't had too much of a problem apart from a little sensitivity after use. But for you wary ladies, not to be left out, REN offer an alternative. F10 Smooth and Renew mask has been dubbed the gentler version and at £20 you've got the better end of the deal.*

So the fourth in the mix, if you're still with me, is an optional choice. Not apart of my ritual but I try and remember to throw it in right at the end when I get a chance. Origins - Drink Up Intensive mask is the ultimate in hydrating after all those products. This is an overnight mask, although I am more inclined to use it earlier as it can be on the tacky side, and that plus my pillow and freshly washed hair don't mix. But after it sinks in it leaves my skin feeling plump, soft, with no dry spots or rough areas and also quite refreshed. *Note-use this more*   

I promise this routine is much quicker to do than to read! 

So now my skins been scrubbed, cleaned, renewed and hydrated and ready for whatever the world has to throw at it. Until next week. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Emma Hardie - Moringa Cleansing Balm

So, for my first 'proper post' I thought I would tell you my thoughts on a product that has really improved my skin recently, as well as everyone else's it seems. Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm *phew* has won awards and a place in every beauty bloggers skincare stash and for good reason. 

This balm boasts vitamin E, wild sea fennel and of course moringa seed extract to thoroughly clean the skin and reduce the appearance of open pores, rose and jasmin to calm the skin and also orange neroli and mandarin. A cleanser that calms the skin as well as cleans? What more could we want. 
I'm sure we've all tried the cleansers that take off every scrap of make up but feel like they've taken a few layers of skin along with it, leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. The Moringa balm really feels like it nourishes the skin and leaves dry patches, of which I've become accustomed too in recent months, smooth, soft and moisturised.  

To use simply scoop a small amount of balm out and rub between your fingers to make an oil and massage onto dry skin. Then jump straight in with a muslin cloth and warm water and all your make up has vanished! I like to use this for a second cleanse also and basically repeat the same process, just taking a smaller amount this time and massage onto wet skin just to make sure my skin is completely clean and this product can also double as a treatment. My skin has always been combination but over the last few months it has definitely been on the dryer side but using this product seems to nourish the dry and counteract the oily leaving me with lovely skin. 

At £34 for 100ml it is definitely on the pricer side and not very cost effective but considering you need the smallest amount of product this should last a decent enough time to justify yet another feel unique purchase. I managed to bag myself mine in the post Christmas sales for around £27 and do not regret it. 
The only negative I can bring to light is the awful quality of packaging! After just a couple of uses it became very noticeable that water had leaked into the outer plastic casing, and as you might be able to tell from the pictures I no longer have the casing on the lid as this repeatedly cracked and came off. For the price you should expect the packaging to be of a much higher quality so Emma Hardie...sort it out! 

Overall, broken plastic aside, I think if you're willing to splash the cash and your skin is crying out for a bit of hydration then I doubt you will be disappointed.  

Friday, 12 April 2013

Welcome to Loves, Likes & Wishes

Finally pressing publish...

I am a beauty product addict. There's my confession. One that I don't feel the slightest remorse about. 
I am a 20 year old who has been enjoying (and near obsessively) catching up on my favourites blogs for years and thought it was about time I put my two cents into the mix. 

I've always had a love for fashion and beauty and in the last few years my drawers, shelves and bank balance are definitely showing the effects of this. Of which I completely and utterly blame on the editors of my reading list. 

I named this blog Loves, Likes & Wishes as I want to show just that. The boots that have become a staple in my wardrobe, a serum that makes me wake up looking like Millie Mackintosh (results are inconclusive..) and my ever growing wishlist which has a new addition every time I open up blogger. 

I'm not a professional of the fash pack or beauty buff industry, nor am I equipped with a DSLR and even though I thought my IT skills were decent enough, apparently getting to grips with a blog design is trickier than walking past Boots without whipping the debit card out, so please bare with me on that one and all tips & tricks are welcome. 

But please enjoy the ramblings of a girl who has too much on her hands and the need to give her opinion on everything.